Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Student's Perspective

For Laurel Saito, junior journalism major at Seattle University, she is not expecting a big career with a lot of money after graduation. As an SU student, she has her eyes set on something a little more realistic and life-giving--a life devoted not only to her passion but to service.

"SU is about exploring different educational avenues and working to help people," says Saito.

Acccording to Saito, Seattle University is ideal because of its feeling of community.

"I like how the classes are so small and the professors are generally very accomodating," says Saito. While SU does not have the collegiate appeal of a large state-school Saito says her education has been enhanced by SU's unique and succint mission of educating the whole person.

"We have a definition for why we are receiving an education here," says Saito.

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