Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letter of Intent

To whom it may concern,

SafetyNet is a non-profit organization striving to provide Seattle Public Schools with comprehensive sexual education curriculum, including specifc curriculum promoting the acceptance of homosexuality. We have been in existence for 10 years in the Seattle community and are a certified non-profit.
SafetyNet is proposing a reconstruction of Seattle Public Schools current sexual education program, FLASH. This would include an intensive review, update and comprehensive inclusion of issues pertaining to gay and lesbian youth. Our schools are inundated with hateful language--fag, homo, etc--derived from a lack of knowledge when it comes to homosexuality. Our schools need to represent reality--homosexuality is one of these realities. To make it invisible within our schools is to make it mysterious and consequentially unaccepted. Introducing curriculum specifically designed to reduce prejudice and creating a safe place for students is beneficial to both schools and society. We are proposing a grant at a monetary base of $20,000 to provide for curriculum update, research and teacher training. SafetyNet has a history of working within the community and has been a beacon for the public schools in years past. The review process will plan to take one full academic year.
We are asking for your help in educating our students. This proposal is first and foremost a way in which our public schools can provide useful, applicable and respectful resources to our students. We ask funding of roughly $20,000 in order to provide a systematic review of the FLASH program as well as implementation of a same-sex based curriculum. Teacher training is also included. This proposal will be followed up with a phone call. Thank you so much for your time and attention. It is greatly appreciated.

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