Thursday, February 19, 2009 Generational Humor

CollegeHumor, an accessible funny video site, created for an by college students is spot on with its blatant sarcasm.

What makes these videos hysterical is not necessarily the humor itself but rather their relatability. The audience of these videos is easy to identify--liberal, college aged students who can "go the distance" when it comes to sometimes caustic humor. A Video like "Hand Vagina" is not necessarily driven towards an audience of middle aged women.

The videos are a glimpse into college humor, a sense of humor that is only relatable to a specific group of individuals. Much of what CollegeHumor uses as material is based off a specific generation. The "Minesweeper" movie, for example, takes something so mundane as a simple computer game and turns it into a sarcastic movie-trailer based on a game many of us played.

We can all recognize the hilarity of the situations presented in CollegeHumor's videos. There is a universal commonplace within the generation that has distinguished things funny, abnormal, sarcastic or just odd. By making light of everyday situations, CollegeHumor establishes a base or recognition and identity with viewers. We seemingly say to ourselves, "That is funny, because I've been through that" or "I get it! I use to play that game as a kid."

Blatant sarcasm also appeals to college students who tend to be more liberal in thinking. It is to go without saying that people tend to become more conservative as they get older. The college years then are a time to question, make fun of, and examine certain establishments and the CollegeHumor creators do this with ease.

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