Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homosexuality in Schools

Homosexuality has entered into our social conscience now more than ever, therefore igniting the need to open up a conversation concerning the representation of gay and lesbian issues in our schools. I contend that a greater acceptance of homosexuality needs to be implemented in the sexual education curriculum in our public schools, both providing sensitive and medically accurate information concerning gays and lesbians. The debate often centers around the role of the school in education, and whether or not morals should be taught (many consider homosexuality a moral and ethical issue). The fact of the matter is, our public schools are in place to educate the whole person. This includes introducing students to concepts that they may not agree with completely. Education is about learning, not necessarily what is learned. To this extent, it is our schools obligation to present an issue of social importance. It needs to be talked about.

Additionally, the fact of the matter is there are individuals who use hurtful language to disrupt those who identify as homosexual. Phrases like "That's so gay," and "You're a fag" run rampant in our schools. This is unacceptable. By implementing a curriculum that teaches respect for those that are different--not a moral lesson on gay sex--will only breed positive results. At the foundational level, people should be able to recognize another persons right to be happy and safe. The debate is not about religion. I would argue that sexual education should not be centered around moral teachings, but rather the reality of our world. The reality of our world is that gay people are a reality. They are people. Respecting this is the first step and doing it through such a huge public arena as our public schools will only prove beneficial.

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