Thursday, January 22, 2009

A step back in the Obama promise

He has related gay marriage to incest, polygamy as well as an adult marrying a child. For a quick moment, it appeared as if I was watching the inauguration of yet another Bush presidency.

The same nightmare of intolerance, bigotry and ignorance exuded from the last eight years wafted through the air on inauguration day as Rev. Rick Warren gave the invocation for the 44th president, Barack Obama.

As a conservative reverend his message is clear—his tolerance of homosexuality runs in line with the church, one not usually defined by its inclusion.
Luckily there was some representation for my gay brothers and sisters—just not on a large scale. We were silenced once again.

The day before, in what was called the “We are One” inaugural event, openly gay bishop Gene Robinson delivered an inclusive, heartfelt and cerebral invocation to a large crowd.

Robinson should have been the one speaking on inauguration day. His presence would have sent a clear message to the country, one in which affirms who we are as an American people. Obama’s message has been one of inclusion, openness and acceptance. He had made a point of including gay and lesbian rights in his campaign, stating that the era of inequality needs to come to an end. This was not the case on Jan. 20.

If I remember correctly, regardless of race, sexual orientation or class, the declaration of independence (a document Obama referred to in his address as being a symbol of who we are) states that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Warren, as a symbol of intolerance—delivered a straight-forward message on inauguration day but because of his associations brought only distraction.


  1. On one hand it is virtually impossible to please everyone, while on the other exculsion should not be allowed. Especially after the last two years of Obama preaching equality. I, for one, feel that Obama probably wanted Warren to participate because he represents an opposing view of his own. Unfortunately Warren has a vicious past of gay bashing, which interferes with pretty much everything Obama represents.

  2. Using dissociation to show how the choice of Rev. Rick Warren was inconsistent with Obama's previously proposed ideologies is effective. By utilizing the loci of essence, other locis are called into discussion, namely, quality--what makes us special as a country.

  3. Its refreshing to see someone being critical of Obama. Although his presidency is a huge step for our country, we can't get caught up in the hype and forget to hold him under the same standards as past presidents.

  4. This is really well written. I also couldn't understand why Obama would choose Rick Warren. I think you utilize loci person, in addressing the fact that people should be respected despite differences that that human dignity should be the priority of the government and president.